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Bedded (2012)

part of ‘In a Silent Way’ installation at CAST Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania curated by Matt Warren.



Exquisite Excursions of Laura A (aka Ctrl Alt Man) Vol. I (2011)

17 track audio CD / download

Composition Major Work


RAW (2009)

Composition Major Work


Body of Wires (2008)


Seed (2008)

Composition Major Work


Untitled02 (2008)

Electronic Music Assignment


Help Me, Diane (2013)

performed by Chaika


For Voice and Piano (2012)

performed by Emily-Rose Sarkova and Susie Bishop

for performance at Independent Theatre, 18th August 2012.


Sign Tones (2011)

for primary school band

Performed by Humungous Pony

(also feat on Exquisite Excursions…)


Melody piece (2011)

for primary school band

Performed by Humungous Pony


Entitled (lalala) (2011) 

Originally recorded for Exquisite Excursions….

arranged for ACRONYM Orchestra (2012) as “Entitled”


Kept Still (2011)

Performed by Ensemble Offspring at Recital Hall East (Claire Edwardes, Jason Noble, Lamorna Nightingale, Bree Van Ryk)

Zodiac Concert

Composition Major Work


Quartet (2010)

performed by Volta Ensemble (Doretta Balkizas – violin, Ivan Cheng – clarinet, Susan Kim – Cello, Suzanne Sherrington – flute)

for Volta 1.5: Switch concert at Paddington Uniting Church, June 4 2010.


Felt (2010)

String Quartet

Composition Major Work

Premiere May 2013 (tbc)


No Plouf (2010)

oboe, clarinet, cello, piano

for Composer Performer Workshop


Enter the Fog (2010)

clarinet, alto saxophone, trombone, trombone, accordion, double bass

for Composer Performer Workshop


Folksong (2009)

clarinet, melodica, tin whistle and guitar

Composition Major Work


Fibre (2009) 

Piano quintet – Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

for Composer Performer Workshop.


Ima Made, Ima Kara  (2009)

alto sax, trombone, trombone, percussion, piano, electric guitar

for Composer Performer Workshop

arranged for ACRONYM Orchestra (2011)

alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, sousaphone, guitar, piano, drums.


Open, to II (2009?)

Piano solo


Motion (2007)

alto sax, c melody, bass clarinet, trombone, double bass, double bass, percussion, tape

Composition Major Work


Open, to (2007)

Piano solo

Performed by Hugh Barrett

Composition Major Work


Eveleigh (2006?)

performed by The Three Omegas

also featured on Exquisite Excursions…


And We Dance (2005?)

performed by  The Three Omegas